Car Accident Injuries Have You Feeling Out of Place at Work

We all need to work to earn a living so what happens when an injury leaves you unable to return to work not just for a week or two but indefinitely?

Car accident injuries can be so severe that you may have to endure several operations and have rehabilitation treatment for years. A car accident can unsettle your work life and every other area of your life as well.

Car accident settlement for damages

How many victims of car accidents haven’t found their lives being disrupted and having to miss many days of work. A minor car accident settlement can at least go towards an accident victim paying for their medical bills.

The car accident lawyers at The Stephens Law Firm understand this scenario perfectly as they have already handled hundreds of cases. Their mission has always been to ensure they get the right compensation for the damages their car accident clients have suffered.

Minor- and more severe car accident victims like to praise the law firm for their excellent services in seeing that justice is done. The law firm has seen the many difficulties car accident victims face and they help them win back their self-confidence and the money they deserve in compensation.

Head injuries

People are inclined to think that mild head injuries don’t require medical attention. The injury can be as mild as a bump, cut or bruise and many people who have had a head injury, even a mild injury – end up requiring help with the activities of daily living.

The most common injuries to the head are from motor vehicle accidents. When there is a direct blow to the head or even ‘just’ whiplash, the person can end up with varying degrees of symptoms, depending on the severity of the head injury.

You can be confused, have headaches, nausea, problems with balance, problems with memory, be irritable and tired, and you become a ‘burden’ to your place of work as you can no longer work in the way your particular job requires.

No place for a wheelchair?

Your car accident injuries might have put you in a wheelchair for life. Imagine how traumatic it is when you work in a small company and they haven’t ever made provision for people in wheelchairs as there was never a need? Now you are in a wheelchair and everything has become an obstacle.

You want to get back to work without having to worry about how you will get around. From the moment you arrive at your workplace, you know there will be problems as there are no ramps to get into your office, the doorways won’t accommodate your wheelchair and how will you get to the toilets?

Your entire life has been turned upside down and you don’t know how your small workplace will feel when they themselves have to make huge adjustments for a now disabled member of their staff.

Missing limbs rule out opportunities

You may have always had a good knowledge of sports and have worked in large sports equipment- and product companies selling sporting equipment to adventurers and sportspeople alike. Imagine being in a car accident and your injuries have resulted in an arm amputation?

The surgical removal of a limb because of damage can change things in such a workplace. You are now in a position where returning will have you facing a host of new challenges in the workplace. You’ve always used your arms to demonstrate and engage with the people buying sports equipment.

You secretly know that your colleagues and bosses, although they’ve been kind and encouraging, no longer feel you have a part with them. Losing an arm is a major event and losing the limb is going to have you reevaluating how you’re going to face life in a discriminatory world and unsympathetic attitudes.

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