Best Songs About Dogs

There are a lot of great love songs out there, but there are a few with strange lyrics that don’t really suggest the object of the singer’s affection is just a female woman. Think back to the lyrics of The Kinks’ “Lola”. It’s a catchy tune, with clever inflection delivered by frontman Ray Davies, about a guy who goes to a bar and meets a very mysterious woman.

But as the lyrics progress, it’s very apparent this rendezvous is not going to go down as expected. However, they’re still playful. “I’m glad I’m a man and so is Lola”. Is Lola glad he’s a man or is Lola also a man? Lyrics play tricks like that.

Perhaps the most fun a songwriter has is tricking listeners into thinking they’re singing about a woman they can’t get over when they’re really just fawning over their golden doodle. There are many songs about dogs, some out in the open about who they’re about, others more lyrically ambiguous. Here’s the best of them.

“Jet” - Wings

Paul McCartney’s album Band on the Run is one of the best albums to come from an artist who left a much bigger band for other projects. There’s a story to everything about the album, from the cover (what’s Christopher Lee doing there?) to the fact that Dustin Hoffman was the one who told McCartney what Picasso’s last words were.

Probably one of the most overlooked songs on the album, as most just assumed it was a love song with meaningless lyrics, Jet is a catchy number with a great guitar solo. But who knew he was just talking about the color of his “jet” black labrador? Some of the other lyrics, like whether the major was a lady or not, are best left ignored, but the song instantly becomes sweeter when you realize it’s just a guy who loved his dog.

“Me and My Arrow” - Harry Nilsson

Harry Nilsson is one of the saddest stories in music. After having a hit with his cover of Without You and befriending John Lennon, he lost his best friend when Mark David Chapman gunned him down outside the Dakota. Nilsson got depressed, and basically died drinking, and his name was never as famous as some of his friends.

“Me and My Arrow” is the ultimate dog song, about a man and his dog against the world. There are no lyrical complications, Nilsson just very much loves Arrow, the dog he takes everywhere he goes. We’ve all had friends like that.

“I Love My Dog” - Cat Stevens

Yes, one of the best dog songs was written by a Cat. It’s an old joke and apologies for recycling it. What’s particularly amusing about this number is that Cat loves his dog so much that he may have to sacrifice any real relationship with women. But Cat covered that when he started declaring Fatwas on Salman Rushdie.

“Martha My Dear” - The Beatles

Beatlemaniacs will know Martha is McCartney’s sheepdog. McCartney has appeared twice now, and it kind of suits him to make another showing on this list. He’s the most unapologetic sappy songwriter there is. It’s why he wrote a song called “Silly Love Songs”. He knows what they are, but no one is better at writing them. That this is about his dog makes it all the lovelier.

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