Restricting What Your Child Watches on Netflix

Netflix is undoubtedly a favorite platform for kids to stream numerous shows. But there are high chances for them to view unwanted adult content also by mistake or intentionally. Parents should ensure they set up Netflix with proper parental control for the safety of their kids. They should also take time to monitor what their kids watch while spending time with them.

Adjust profile settings

Create individual profiles with different levels of age-appropriate content access and make your children use one profile. Open the Accounts, Manage Profiles and select the option to add a New Profile. Name it, choose the Kids option and set limitations for content to be viewed, and give access only to this account for your children to control their watching.

Sometimes various errors pop up while watching shows after this step, and regular troubleshooting doesn’t help. provides quick solutions for multiple types of Netflix error codes listed in an easy-to-understand way. Refer to the site with your error code to get an immediate answer to enjoy the Netflix experience better.

Block a specific show

Blocking a specific show alone on Netflix is possible if you do not want your children to watch it. The show can be blocked on particular profiles alone and unblocked later. Select the profile you wish to manage under the accounts page. Select Profile and Parental Control Settings and access the Viewing Restrictions.

It might prompt you to enter the primary Netflix Password to ensure you are the admin controlling all the other accounts. Go to Title Restriction, type the name of the show and save it. You can set up a PIN for a specific profile and prevent the user from accessing shows unless the pin gets entered through the Profile Lock setting option.

Monitor what the children are watching

Prevent your children from watching unwanted content by monitoring what they watch and talking to them about the shows they love. To check what your child is regularly watching, Go to Accounts Page and open the Profile and Parental Control settings. Check the Viewing Activity on your child’s profile to get the history of the show.

Similarly, you turn Autoplay on or off by accessing Playback Settings under the Profile and Parental Controls. These settings enable the parents to monitor and control what the children are watching on Netflix just with a few clicks. Netflix also gives parents the control to automatically grant or deny access to certain shows deemed inappropriate for the kids.

Family viewing and restriction

In addition to depending on the technology, it is vital to make the kids understand why you are preventing them from watching these shows. Have family viewing time and openly discuss the violence and various concepts in the shows they want to watch. Several teenagers want to watch the shows all their friends watch, and the parents might feel otherwise.

Parents worldwide do not want their children to watch certain shows but allow them to protect them anyway, owing to the peer pressure of their children. Discuss the problematic content in such shows and teach the children to make wise choices no matter which forces them.

Read reviews and ratings

It is tough to determine what a show contains even though specific common certifications like U, PG, 12, 15, and 18. Some content shown within the filters might also be seen as inappropriate in certain houses. Read about a new show or series your child wants to access and check its ratings on the internet.

If you feel it is passing unwanted messages, block and say a strict no, no matter what. Check with your friends or colleagues who have already finished watching the show, or check the parenting forums regarding the show ratings. Take a wise decision referring to various sources and watching trailers or cuts of the show yourself if necessary.

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