Making Your Home Safe for Kids During The Festive Season

The holiday season is the best time to bond with children and show them various titbits of our culture, from food to decoration. It is also the time to stay on red alert as children, especially toddlers and curious kids, might expose themselves to danger. Parents must take every step to make the festivities safe and enjoyable for the children.

Pay attention to plumbing

Teach children to dispose of leftovers in the trash can instead of drains or sinks to avoid issues. Most kids dump everything in the sink or drain, causing several problems, from clogged pipes to toilet paper in the commode. Clean your gutters beforehand as there might be guests in the house, and the usage of the kitchen and toilet increases multi-folds.

On a festival morning, the last thing you need is a clogged pipe or a hair-filled bath drain and a junk-filled sink. helps you on such occasions by sending a licensed plumber to your premises at the quickest possible time. Use their services to get timely professional help without letting your kids’ minor drainage mistakes spoil your entire family’s festive mood.

Keep fire-retardants handy

Holidays always glitter with light and music supplied by numerous electrical items used for home décor and other purposes. There are high chances of them firing or tripping easily or the tree getting dry catching fire. Keep the Christmas tree well-watered or coat it with a fire-retardant if it is an artificial tree to stay on the safer side.

Avoid giving children matches, lighters, and other combustible items to prevent them from accidentally burning the gift wrappings or burning the carpet. The glass ornaments will quickly overheat and make the tree or other things catch fire, and every house must have a fire extinguisher.

Be careful with power strips

It is better to avoid colorful lights if you have young kids as they might crawl towards the light and even bite it sometimes. If the kids are older, brief them regarding electrical shocks and ensure they do not touch the electrical settings for safety reasons. Keep the decorations out of reach of children by creating a gift fence or using a play fence to prevent them from entering the area.

Secure the extra power outlets with tape, ensure all the hanging wires get taped in, and use surge protectors for extra safety. Get an electrician to ensure your generator and the lines can handle the extra load of decoration lights.

List items to be kept out of reach

List all the items your toddler is ready to taste and savor during the festive season, like small berries, glass items, candles, small plastic toys, etc., and keep them out of reach. It is wise to avoid decorating too much if a child is aged 1 to 3 in the house as there is a high risk of them swallowing something.

If you have older kids, give them the responsibility to take care of small items, keep count of it and ensure nothing goes missing. Appoint the children as your Christmas detective, preventing them from breaking items or misplacing them absent-mindedly.

Keep kids out while decorating and repacking

Most kids will not disturb the decoration right away, and they will only break things or get into danger when the setup is being done or removed. Ask your friends to take care of the children for a day or a few hours when you set up the core decorations, clear the mess and bring them home. When removing the ornaments, collect the easily breakable items and get them packed before bringing back the children.

Kids increase the joy of the festival multi-folds, and it is essential to keep them safe to create lasting memories. Paying attention to minor safety issues will make parents handle the kids easily without much stress.

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