The Most Common Items in Your Home That Attract Burglars

The most common items in your home that burglars are after are cash first and foremost. Next comes jewelry, electronics, and any other expensive items they see. If you’re wearing jewelry they want, they won’t hesitate to wrench it off you or sever a finger off to remove a ring.

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The number one item on top of every burglar’s wish list is money. They know the obvious places that money will be found, such as purses and wallets. Finding little cash there, they can get angry and hold a gun to you, demanding that you open up the safe.

Cash is always the first choice and while notes are the first choice over coins, coins will be taken too, as well as credit cards. Money is the easiest thing to steal and it allows the burglar to get what they want.


Burglars look for jewelry and watches in particular. They will turn everything upside down and inside out to find where you keep your Rolex, Omega, Patek Phillippe, or Jaeger-LeCoultre watch. If it's on your arm, they’ll wrench it off. They like an Apple watch too as these smartwatches have lots of useful features.

Apart from it being a device for leading a healthy lifestyle, it can also do a host of other things. Thieves know that having such a watch on your wrist is like having an iPhone with you. Gold jewelry is a big drawcard and they will like finding gold rings, bracelets, and earrings.


Electronics are high on the list of burglars, particularly smaller items. They know it can take time to try and get a TV off its mount against the wall. They scrounge around for smaller items such as your Apple watch, gaming PC, or cell phone.

They will even take wireless earbuds, your drones, and your portable HD LED Smart Home Theater Projector. They throw everything into a bag as they hunt around and will take literally everything they find. Electronics are a seriously good find for burglars.


Whether it’s beer, wine, or spirits, burglars will think it’s their lucky day if they can finish off their home invasion and burglary with some alcohol. Of course, they will sell a lot of it to a bottle store, but as a sedative-hypnotic drug, they will also use it later on to relax. Whether it’s tins or bottles, they take them all.

Beer, wine, cider, gin, brandy, rum, whiskey – they’ll take it all and drink it all too if need be. The police may well be after them later on and they will need something to calm their nerves. Burglars know that alcohol causes a person to take risks and finding alcohol is always a bonus. It will help them commit the next burglary with brazenness.

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